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What is motion capture?

Motion Capture is the process of digitally recording movement to create a data set (or blueprint). This blueprint is then used to create the skeleton of upon which the animator can create a character.

To an actor though, its much much more. Motion Capture (or Mocap) sits at the exciting and dynamic intersection of live performance and digital technology. It allows an actor to be as tall as a buildizng or as small as an ant. It allows that same actor to physically transform and see the transformation right in front of their eyes. It brings their imagination to life!

Since training with Lyndall Grant at the start of 2017 Myles has had the good fortune of working with Deakin Motion Lab on a variety of projects such as Digipost’s recent OMO commercial in Vietnam and the ABC’s ‘MiniBeast Heroes’. He has also worked with Big Ant Studios on their release of ‘AO Tennis’ - the first official Australian Open tennis game with along with recent release ‘Big Bash Boom’.